Est. 1991

Dining Out For Life ® (DOFL) is a trademarked annual international fundraiser for HIV/AIDS

60 Cities

The number of cities that conduct DOFL each year

$4 Million

The amount of money raised annually through DOFL

Minnesota Stats

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Featured Restaurants

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Pizza Luce

Pizza Lucé has proudly participated in Dining Out for Life for many years. Each and every year we are blown away with the generosity of our community as we all come together to support this great cause. There is something truly wonderful about sharing this experience with our employees, guests and the Aliveness Project as we work together to fight HIV/AIDS while empowering people with HIV and AIDS at the same time.

Dining Out for Life is always a very busy day for Pizza Lucé. We talk with our managers and staff months in advance and we all work together to ensure the best possible experience for all of our guests on the day of the event. We also devote marketing resources to communicate with our guests and fans about Dining Out for Life. We send out email newsletters, Facebook and Twitter posts, messages on our website as well as promotional materials in our locations weeks in advance. Our guests are always excited to participate and it always feels good to “share the love” and sit down with friends and family over a great meal all at the same time!

Blackbird Cafe

When I opened Blackbird in 2007, I knew I wanted to participate in Dining Out For Life; partly because I had people I cared about living with the impact of HIV/AIDS, but more importantly, because the event helped to normalize the conversation about HIV/AIDS in our community. The event provides a framework for us to be able to talk about it without any stigma, and it's a way to celebrate the lives of people we care about.

It's been an amazing movement to witness: Dining Out For Life has grown from a handful of restaurants in 2007 to the over 200 that are participating today. This growth has been a testament to the power of breaking bread as a way to promote hope, strength and unity.

I've always referred to Dining Out For Life as "the funnest fundraiser of the year" the whole city turns into a big food festival for one day, and it's my favorite way to welcome Spring.

The Finnish Bistro

Located in the St.Anthony Park Neighborhood of St. Paul, The Finnish Bistro is hard to miss. Not only do they stand out for their exceptional food options, but they’re also the founders of the 100% Club for Dining Out for Life. Sandra, the owner, was a social worker and professional fundraiser before buying The Finnish Bistro. She participates in Dining Out For Life because, “donating time and resources is a core value of mine as I saw the end results of how collaboration, kindness and pooling of resources improved countless lives first hand.

Travail Kitchen

We love to participate in Dining Out For Life, it's incredible to be part of so many restaurants from all over the state that come together to support our community.

Hazel's NE

We look forward to participating in DOFL each April. DOFL is such a great cause and has gained so much support from the local restaurant community, we are happy to do our part!

DOFL encourages restaurant patrons to get out and dine—we have had successful, busy days, every year! We donate at the 35% level because we love passing along as much as we can to support the Aliveness Project. And, thanks to the promotion of DOFL, we have the opportunity to introduce Hazel’s Northeast to many newcomers trying us for the first time!

The Smack Shack

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